Meet Kate

Kate Anderson has been on a two-decade journey to becoming a Bowen therapy practitioner and alternate remedy specialist. Having suffered an injury, an array of therapeutic treatments allowed her to realise that natural therapies were going to be the key to her recovery – not only in terms of healing her injury but also ‘unlocking’ the body.

Such holistic approaches to wellness and wellbeing allowed Kate to see the full potential of these remedies, and as a practitioner, she sees its benefits every day. Having worked in the complimentary health industry for the past decade, Kate has noticed a common theme among every one of her clients, be they young, old, male or female: everyone has body issues. It’s Kate’s mission to help people overcome their body image issues without using destructive or invasive methods.

Through the use of Cryoskin technologies, Kate is able to maximise results through employing a unique triple-phase fat cell reduction system that disrupts the fat cell membranes, targets and cools the fat cells, and disrupts the subcutaneous fat tissues allowing for increased fat-cell metabolism.
It’s Kate’s compassionate, nurturing nature that has her constantly searching for ways to help her clients. Her experiences and successes with Cryoskin fits in with her ethos of using healthy tools to create health, balance, wellness, and happiness. A non-surgical, non-invasive, and chemical-free way to target areas for fat loss, toning, and cellulite reduction, it has empowered her clients to make healthy and lasting choices to lose excess fat and maintain a long-term healthy balance.

Her enthusiasm for the holistic benefits of non-invasive treatments provides constant inspiration for her as a practitioner. Her goal is to be a lifelong student, with continual growth and learning enabling her to pass on the healing benefits to her clients.


Sarah began her self-discovery journey approximately 15 years ago, a single mother of two children, in search of a better life for herself and kids.

Sarah realised that she could use her life experiences to create a path to a more positive future. Through her own experiences with physical and emotional pain, she found her passion for natural and holistic health, and began studying.

Having completed her CertIV in Bowen Therapy a few years ago, and more recently, a Nutrition Certification. Specially trained as a Cryoskin Technician and Lymphatic Massage Therapist, Sarah is beginning to bring her skills and knowledge as a Nutritionist into the Cryobody business, to offer her clients a more personalised, overall, holistic health experience.

Sarah is deeply passionate about food and natural healing as medicine, and more recently, finding a new interest in Lymphatic Drainage and the importance of healthy Lymph flow for boosting the immune system. The Lymphatic Massage is the perfect addition at Cryobody Revolution, for speeding up the ‘Fat Freezing’ process after CryoSlimming treatments.

Having just enrolled in a Natural Therapies Consultant Diploma, Sarah is taking her learning further in this field.

Described as having a warm, bubbly, welcoming personality and a kind, compassionate nature, Sarah has the ability to make clients feel safe, comfortable and cared for when they visit the clinic.

Sarah continues learning and searching new ways to help heal herself and her clients so that they live naturally pain and illness free lives.

Through education and encouragement combined with a passion for health and wellness, and her rewarding career, Sarah is inspired to empower her clients on their journey to better health and lifestyle outcomes.


Alana Anderson is currently caring for spinal injury patients and the elderly whilst having almost completed her Bachelor of Nursing Science. Having suffered pain throughout her life due to scoliosis, this has taken Alana on a journey to discover the human body on a more in-depth basis, to be able to heal herself and others.

Through seeking ways to alleviate pain, both physically and emotionally, Alana has discovered that natural therapies have been proving to help her manage, such as Pilates, Yoga, Mindfulness and Nutrition. This holistic approach has grown into a passion that has led her to become a Pilates instructor. Her goal is to one day specialise in teaching clients how to manage Scoliosis pain through Pilates. In addition to this, Alana is also very interested in using her nursing degree to specialise in vitamin infusions.

Alana will be a great asset for Cryobody Revolution due to her great deal of compassion for people suffering through pain and insecurities. Alana’s ideal goal is to incorporate her compassion, knowledge and skills into CryoBody, to empower her clients to create positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself, inside and out”