Do you want to speed up the healing process after injury or exercise, or improve your circulation beneath the skin and promote the removal of acids? Are you looking to change the structure of your skin and generally improve overall wellbeing?

We have been trained in the Chelsey Jean LymFATic massage technique using the unique combination of the dual action gloves, hands on assessment and massage to unblock areas of congestion and naturopathic formulated LymFATic cream “which are truly a match made in heaven”!

As the gloves stimulate and physically move lymph from the outside, the cream goes to work on the inside. This powerful combination of healing herbs and essential oils are designed to help strengthen and drain your lymphatic system, enhance vein and capillary function, whilst providing nutrition to your cells and facilitating the removal of stuck, toxic fluid and fat from your body.

You will see noticeable changes to the shape of your body and enjoy improved digestive health, mental clarity and even put a bounce back in your step.

We also now stock the CJ LymFATics kit which enhances weight loss, detoxification, exfoliates (skin brush), relieves pain, supports immunity and nurtures your body back to beautiful health all which can now be achieved from the comfort of your own bathroom.

When you purchase one of our kits, it will give you access to the specially formulated sequence so you can keep your lymph flowing in-between your treatments for as little as 2-minutes a day.

You need to stimulate to rejuvenate

LymFATics Price treatments are:

LymFATics massage – $55

LymFATic massage and compression therapy Combo – $95