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Cryo Facials

Cryo Facial – Starts from $200

The natural ageing processes slow down your skin’s metabolism. Your cells absorb fewer nutrients, while your collagen and elastin fibres break down and your skin loses its once firm elasticity. Pollutants and sun damage also contribute to the end result…wrinkles

A natural, non-invasive, anti-ageing solution for the face and the neck, Cryo Facial efficiently tightens saggy skin, redefining your face’s natural oval shape, while lifting the skin around your neck. At the same time, the process works as a long-lasting, deep biological reaction by stimulating your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin.

Luxurious skin renewal facial with Cryo facelift

Including double cleanse, exfoliation, facial drain and massage, cryo facelift, deep hydration moisturise finished with a scalp massage

Single Treatment – $260
5 treatments -$1500 (save $250)

Express facial

An express 30 minute facial. Using luxurious Alexami products and includes a deep cleanse, cryofacelift and hydrating moisturise.

Single treatment – $200.
5 treatments – $800

Cryo chin, jowl and décolletage slimming and toning

Single Treatment – $350
5 treatments – $1500 (save $250)

Cryo face and chin, jowl décolletage combo’

Single Treatment – $520
5 Treatments – $2300 (save $300)

Glymphatic Facial

Lets not forget that stimulation of the lymphatic system for our face has many health benefits such as detoxifying and reducing congestion and helping the lymph pump through all of our facial structures removing the waste promoting anti-aging and stimulation of collagen production.

Our glymphatic facial begins with a cleansing using a konjac sponge. A konjac sponge is made of natural fibre that comes from the devil’s tongue, a potato-like plant grown in Korea, China and Japan. It’s unique, gentle texture removes dirt, dead skin cells and oil and unclogs pores for faster cell turnover. (This will be yours to keep after the treatment).

Next comes the Cryofacelift followed by a 20-minute lymphatic face massage in conjunction with detoxing and anti-ageing FACEbiotics product. This product is supercharged with Aquaxyl boosted Hyaluronic acid for scientifically proven 24-hour hydration and pre & probiotic technology to help restore stressed skin while strengthening the skin barrier function.

These powerful collagen building phytonutrients and vitamins may help detoxify and drain lymphatics. Believe me – It’s all your face needs.

Price: $50 per treatment, or add to the express or deluxe facials for $50.