Cryotoning and Cellulite

Cryo Cellulite – Starts from $380

Cryotoning uses only cool temperatures, for the purpose of reducing cellulite, tightening and lifting sagging skin. Our technicians use a special toning technique that wakes up your lymphatic system,aiming to reduce cellulite, while helping to improve collagen and elastin production. Results are smoother, tighter skin.

This treatment is great for people wanting to shape, sculpt, firm the body and reduce cellulite. It can also be used in combination with Cryoslimming, to reduce fat and tone specific areas. Also great for a butt lift. See our combo packages for more details.

Areas that can be addressed are: stomach, back arms, legs, neck and decolletage.

Cryo Cellulite and Toning
Single Treatment – $380
5 Treatments – $1700 (save $200)
Larger area – $500
5 Treatments – $2200 (save $300)

Cryo Buttlift
Single Treatment – $540
5 Treatments – $2200

CryoToning Regular
Single Treatment – $380
Large Area (2 Areas) – $520
5 Treatments (Regular) – $1,600
5 Treatments (Large) – $2,00